Our Products

The premier choice of designers and architects, glass2 is an environmentally friendly product like none other. Ease of fabrication and a sustainable, elegant design are just some of the characteristics that have made glass2 a fabricator's dream.

Outstanding features:

  • 99% recycled glass, contains no resin or epoxy

  • stain-resistant, bacteria-free, virtually no maintenance

  • 0.2% absorption rate

  • virtually scratch-resistant, can be repaired if scratched; unlike other glass lines

  • can be fabricated by both stone and glass fabricators

  • cold and heat resistant, allowing for use as outside cladding

  • glass base, contains no glue or chemicals

  • does not contain radioactive elements

  • its color is weather and UV resistant

  • wide selections; 9 colors to choose from, some of them are translucent for alluring back-lighting effects